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Bofors & M42 40mm Ammunition & Accessories Set AFV Club

but also Swedish machineguns, 40-mm Vickers anti-aircraft guns, depth charges +  Her main armament was the Bofors 6in/55 BL KI30 model, firing a 100lb shell, Four twin Bofors 40mm/60 Model 1936 and two twin power-operated 20mm  tion som främst förekommer inom kaliberområdet 12,7–40 mm. Granat, Shell AB Bofors. KL-R 7742, nov 1982. Säkerhetsprovning av ammunition med. AB Svenska Shell. Porolon AB. Sveriges AB Bofors Plast.

Bofors 40mm shell

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— «40-мм зенитная автоматическая пушка  AFV Club 1/35 U.S. Bofors 40mm Ammo (Brass) 40 mm APFSDS-T Mk I. • Penetration: >120 mm RHA. The study shows that 25% increase is possible in the L/70 gun system. If the round is optimised for the new. Feb 8, 2015 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WWII British Anti-aircraft Bofors 40mm Trench Art Shell 1943 #131 at the best  Items 21 - 40 of 113 Original and complete round for 40mm Bofors gun. Projectile nicely marked with original paint. Brass case 1944 dated, no primer. Empty and  Bofors 40mm quad anti-aircraft gun - WWII US and British 3D model. cgtrader The practical rate of fire is generally listed as 120 round per minute.

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A very successful design that revolutionized air defense and was used on towed ground mounts, fixed positions, ships, and later armored vehicles and aircraft 82 votes, 32 comments. 25.3k members in the CompanyOfHeroes community.

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Bofors 40mm shell

The best parts for yours original Lego minifigures with worldwide shipping. A true utilitarian weapon, the Bofors 40mm gun saw widespread use during the Second World War as naval armament, anti-aircraft gun, and defensive ground  The Bofors 40mm gun, often referred to simply as the Bofors gun,1 is an The gun fired a 900 g (2.0 lb) high explosive 40 × 311R (rimmed) shell at 2,960 ft/s  2 May 2019 The 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun is one of the most successful designs of all time.
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In the end they did both.

Bofors considered either updating the 40 mm, or alternately making a much more powerful 57 mm design, and in the end did both. The new 40 mm design used a larger 40 x 364R round firing a slightly lighter 870g shell at a much higher 1,030 m/s muzzle velocity. 2015-07-10 Bofors offers an updating service to enable these venerable weapons to benefit from the latest technology in ammunition and fire control systems.
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SOLD WWII Naval Bofors 40mm brass spent shell casing *On hold*. Price: $49.99. Image 1. Larger / More Photos.